You may only use the azipURL Services in compliance with the azipURLTerms. If your access to Services is suspended or revoked, you will not be eligible to access Services again until further notice from azipURL and any attempt to circumvent such access restrictions (i.e. by creating additional accounts or identities) are strictly prohibited and will result in the permanent cancellation of such accounts and flagging them for future enforcement purposes.

Distribution of abusive, dangerous, or illegal content, or promoting organizations who do, is prohibited, including:

  • Content attacking individuals or groups based on race, gender, nationality, immigration status, religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or medical condition
  • Content exploiting children
  • Content threatening, encouraging, or promoting violence or graphic imagery.
  • Sexually explicit content, or inimate content without the subject's content.
  • Content that glorifies or promotes self-harm or other activities that endanger your safety or that of others.
  • Content promoting terrorism
  • Misinformation, including, but not limited to, medical or civic matters
  • Any other content that is illegal

Abusive, dangerous, or illegal actions are prohibited, including:

  • Threatening violence, bullying, harassing individuals or groups
  • Impersonating others or misreprenting your affiliation with other people, organizations, or entities
  • Engaging or faciliating illegal activity, such as selling prohibited goods or services
  • Distributing malware, viruses, deceptive, or other types of disruptive software
  • Phishing, spoofing, hacking, or attempting to fraudently gain access to others' information
  • Sending out spam, or massive amounts of unwanted email
  • Sharing someone's private information without their consent
  • Violating someone's or an organization's or entity's intellectual property rights.

AzzipURL reserves the right to suspend or cancel any account or pause or remove any content we find to be negatively imacting the user experience or community safety, whether or not the found offenses are explicitly prohibited by this Acceptable Use Policy. Every type of content or action that is inappropriate and prohibited and could lead to account restrictions or blocking is not comprehensively listed.

If you find offensive content or actions, or feel that your account was wrongly restricted, please contact us for review.