azipURL is more than just a URL shortener!

Customize URLsCustomize your shortened URL, with the base domain, or use your own custom URL with our Premium Plan which includes a complimentary domain name. Alternatively, you can also choose an Auto URL, which is a random small number of characters, i.e.

Choose between two types for the action of your azipurl: Redirect Link or Compile Links to a Page. When a visitor clicks on a Redirect Link, they get redirected to the link you specify. When they click on a Compile LInks to a Page type, they get directed to a page consisting of info you input, i.e. a list of links. This is a good way to include more than one link on a profile link field (like on Twitter or Instagram) - just enter all in a azipURL link, and enter this link in your profile field.

Visitors may add a "+" at the end of a azipURL link to get information on the link: this will include the redirect link for the visitor without redirecting them to it, in addition to the URL description, which you may customize for each of your links.

Password Protect URLsPassword Protect your links so that visitors must enter your chosen password to redirect to your link or view your compiled links page, or the links info page. This feature is available with our Pro and Premium Plans.

Visitor Privacy: Turn off Visitor IP Tracking for your links if you would like.

URL HistoryView Visitor History for your links. Sign up free to view the number of clicks. Get a Pro or Premium Plan to view advanced visitor stats: the date/time, ip address (clickable to view location info), and device info.

Expire Links: Automatically inactivate your links after a certain number of days.

Manage LInks: Sign up for a free account to view your URL history, number of clicks, and delete links. With a Pro or Premium Plan you can also edit the Redirect URL, Compiled links page, etc. The New URL address cannot be edited.